Thursday, July 4, 2013

Evelyn Paige and Grayson Scott are here!!

Around midnight on Tuesday I got up to pee and when I leaned a little to wipe I felt a small pop and a tiny gush on to the toilet paper.  I couldn't tell 100% if it was pee or something else, but it just didn't feel right.  So I decided to lay back down and get up.  Trying to see if it was my water if I could get anymore to come out. 

By the 3rd time I finally got a huge gush.  I had gone through this before so I knew exactly what was going on. 

I woke up Todd and decided to take a quick shower before heading to the hospital.  We got to triage around 1:15am.  They hooked me up and I was having contractions about 2 minutes apart, was completely effaced and 2cm dilated.  Off to the labor and delivery room we went at that point. 
Shortly after arriving to the L&D room we started talking pain management.  I wasn't sure I would know when enough was enough.  I was breathing through a lot of the contractions and we trying to mentally prepare for a vaginal delivery, which was still the plan at that time.

Grayson started to show some signs od distress, but he bounced back with stronger heart rates after a short while.  I decided it was time for the epi.  My contractions were still about 2 minutes apart and I was starting to break a sweat trying to breathe through them.  I got my epi placed and I was checked again.  I was at 6cm.  I was progressing FAST!

They called in my OB who had to run and do an emergency C-section on a woman that was induced on Monday wohse baby was showing signs of distress.  Before doing that he talked to us.  I expressed my fear of doing a vaginal delivery causing Grayson too much stress. 

Todd and I discussed things with my OB and decided it was best to just get the babies out and healthy and I would take the brunt of the recovery.  So around 6:20am they rolled me down to the ER and Evelyn Paige was born first at 6:49AM weighing 5 pounds 6 ounces and Grayson Scott was born at 6:50am weighing 4 pounds 7 ounces.

I saw them briefly before they were whisked to the NICU.  I sent Todd to be with the babies while they closed me back up and sent me back to my room for recovery.

Todd came back with pictures.  Evelyn has a TON of dark hair.  She has a misshapen head due to be lodged up against my pelvis for several months but that should correct itself in 3-4 weeks.  Grayson actually has strawberry blonde hair which I guess Todd also had when he was little.  They look absolutely NOTHING alike!!

They were both on room air immediately.  Grayson started off eating well but now he has gotten lazy and has a feeding tube in to supplement.  He also is dealing with low blood sugars and they hope to have that corrected in a few days.  Evelyn is a very lazy eater and is also on feeding tube.  That is her only issue so hope to get her on the bottle or maybe the boob soon.  I have been pumping and just started to get some colostrum in.  Hoping to get more in with each pump.

I think the plan is still for us to go home tomorrow.  We have to go down this morning and check on Grayson and see how his sugars are doing.  He's pretty borderline low blood sugar so it shouldn't take long to fix everything up.  Hoping to get them home over the weekend or Monday.

My heart breaks for my little kiddos - it's so hard to hold them with all the tubes, but it's amazing how much you can love someone SO much!! 

As for me, I'm recovering from my C-section pretty well.  It wasn't my plan to have one but I think it was best for them.  I'm taking a shower today and I CAN'T WAIT!!!  Then pump then down to see the babies!!

Grayson Scott

Evelyn Paige


  1. Congratulations! They are beautiful!

  2. Congratulations. What beautiful babies you have !! Many blessings for your family.

  3. Congratulations! They are so precious!

  4. wow i have been following your story for months, you are such an inspiration. Congrats on your new well deserved family all the way from the UK xx

  5. Congrats! So happy that this journey has blessed you with 2 beautiful babies! Praying for you and your little family!! :)

  6. Congrats they are beautiful!!!